The right tour
for everyone

Cycling is fun and joy in every way; find the tour that best fits your style and level. Thank to our small sized groups and our passionate guides we are always flexible and capable of adapting to every guest’s pace.

Representation of Level 1 bike tours

Level 1

I enjoy easy, flattish rides or the help of an e-bike. When I get too tired I don’t mind jumping in the support van and I enjoy the time off the bike as much as the one spent cycling.

AVG Distance: 30km / 20mi
AVG Elevation: 400m / 1300ft

Trips we suggest:
E-bike the Alps
E-bike the Food Valley

Representation of Level 2 bike tours

Level 2

I like hilly rides with climbs not too steep nor long. I can enjoy the help of an e-bike for more challenging terrains and I’m always happy to stop for some pictures and a coffe break.

AVG Ride: 55km / 35mi
AVG Elevation: 900m / 2900ft

Trips we suggest:
Explore Abruzzo
Parma to the Cinque Terre
Hills and Castles of the Food Valley

Representation of Level 3 bike tours

Level 3

I enjoy rolling terrains and once in a while I’m happy to push my limits on steeper climbs and longer rides. I ride my bike regularly and I’m confident with moderate speed at descents.

AVG Ride: 75km / 45mi
AVG Elevation: 1700m / 5500ft

Trips we suggest:
Parma to the Cinque Terre
From Stelvio to Lake Como
Abruzzo Grand Tour

Representation of Level 4 bike tours

Level 4

I’m an avid cyclist and I enjoy long hard days on the bike with big distances and lots of climbing. Cycling is the main goal of my vacation and the more passes to climb the happier I am.

AVG Ride: 90km / 55mi
AVG Elevation: 2000m / 6500ft

Trips we suggest:
From Stelvio to Lake Como
Epic climbs of Giro d’Italia
Abruzzo Grand Tour

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